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A  warm  welcome  to  D A S   Art

Daniela A. Schur

 They touch our insides. They invite us to a time of quiet. They let our thoughts stroll around. They inspire our dreams. They encourage changes. They make our hearts beat faster and create an atmosphere of leisure and intimacy between painter and beholder.


Yes, paintings are so much more than a certain motif on a canvas. And so as well for those who create them as for those who look at them. This is precisely why I am glad that you have discovered my virtual gallery for yourselves.


Take your time, enjoy and allow yourself to be inspired! If you have any questions or are interested in my paintings and/or plan an exhibition I would like to hear from you.




Far in the bosom of the deep

O'er these wild shelves my watch I keep

A ruddy gem of changeful light

Bound on the dusky brow of Night

The Seaman birds my lustre hail

And scorns to strike his timorous sail

-Walter Scott-

The new calendar for 2020 ‚Lighthouses North and Baltic Sea‘ is now available.

The calendar for 2019 ‚Lighthouses Germany‘ 



North Sea sceneries

Abstract images

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You may stroll through my paintings in my virtual gallery – just click on the corresponding heading on the left hand side. Maybe the tour creates a desire for more?

For example for an exhibition ...


Or are you interested in one of the artworks? In this case I would be glad to get an e-mail.

All pictures are painted on canvas in acrylic. Prices on request.


Take a virtual tour through my exhibitions:
Tour ‚Föhr‘ at Dörpshus/Nieblum
Tour ‚Galerie am Meer Westerland/Sylt‘ – click on the picture to start

Tour ‚Atrium oft he Beaulieu‘, Brussels

That’s me


Daniela A. Schur


Head and heart as well as rationality and passion may sometimes fight difficult battles. This is exactly what happened to me. Even though I already loved to draw and experiment with colours and techniques as a child I finally made a different occupational decision. I studied business management and was working in the area of auditing during the last years.

But how about painting? It was always present subconsciously. However, only my intensive love for the North Sea let my heart win over my head a few years later. I rediscovered the play with colours, materials, textures and architectures and have been working as an independent artist from 2014.


A view of my works will reveal my favourite motif (in addition to Northsea sceneries and abstract art): lighthouses. For me lighthouses are not only typical building structures along coasts. They are also more than the play of ‚light on‘ and ‚light off‘ to provide guidance for ships. They fascinate me because of their architecture and intensity – they are symbols of safety, strength, power and freedom, but also of tranquility, loneliness and solitude. They withstand storms and give us the possibility to change our courses.

Moreover, each lighthouse – no matter if small or big – has is own aura, causes wanderlust or homesickness and connects people across borders.

I do hope that my lighthouses may also reveal this symbolic power for you.



LIGHTHOUSES – empowering and leading the way

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Here you will find my online shop as well as local points of sale.



Reinhard Scheiblich

Photographer, author, artist


They are symbols of reliability and orientation, strenghth and peace, wanderlust and homecoming: lighthouses in all their facets have already fascinated and inspired artists from a variety of disciplines for generations. The Hamburg photographer Reinhard Scheiblich and myself  succumbed to this fascination. He traces it with his camera in a genius way and creates photographic documents of history which melt this buildings together with the landscape and thus capture their special character. I image their intensity, their symbolic significance and their charisma either with fine brushstrokes or plaster and filling compound  on canvas and paper whereby the landscape rather remains in the background.


We want to let you feel and experience our fascination for this topic in common exhibitions. We will inform you about dates and places on our web sites in time. 


We are looking forward to meeting you!



Daniela A. Schur


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I am looking forward to your inquiries, orders and of course to your feedback.


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